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Colossal Pre-GDC Update (Patch v1.1)
Announcement: Pinbrawl will be making its grand debut at GDC 2018, where it will be exhibited and officially be announced for a console! We will be announcing w...
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Free Demo Now Available! (removed)
There's a single-stage Pinbrawl demo available now! I'd like to get more people playing the game, since at this stage in the game feedback is more important tha...
Pinbrawl v1.0p1 - Important Hotfix!
We are 99% sure we've fixed a game-breaking bug where on rare occasions the ball would stop appearing, even after picking a new stage. Sorry if any of you were...
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Join the discussion! Help make Pinbrawl the game you want it to be by discussing mechanics, new features and reporting bugs! Community engagement is hopefully going to be a huge part of what makes Pinbrawl a great game. Keep in touch!

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